Preston Guild 2012

We returned to our Lancashire roots in September 2012. As part of the Cultural Olympiad it was a case of "all come back to ours" to enjoy a good old Northern knees up that celebrated the creative history of Preston and wider Lancashire, through the Guild years of 1922, 1952, 1972 and 1992, and looked at the current creative scene. We also got our crystal ball out to imagine the local creative landscape in 2032.

vintage preston guild flyer 2012

As the opening event to the Guild City Festival, the Vintage Guild Weekend experience was an incredible celebration of the creative North. During these two days visitors to Avenham Park were treated to a celebratory and immersive selection of live entertainment, activities and performances.

"The event was a great success and as a Prestonian, who left for many years, it was great to be part of the Guild, especially with the response and good feeling that took over the Vintage weekend, I think as others felt, its highlights an optimism for the hope of building on the Guild’s events to create smaller cultural events." - Clare Buckley