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Season's Greetings! It's that time of year again as December is upon us and whether you like it or not, 'tis the Season to be jolly! So dust off your Christmas Caroling books and join us in getting into the Holiday Season spirit! You know what they say... If you can't beat them... Be Jolly and Merry!!

There are so many goodies around that we've had the hardest time narrowing it down to the list you can see below.. Having said that, if you're stuck for pressie ideas, fret no more, for we have a wondrous window display of the best Vintage Inspired goodies on the market! We'd love to find any of these in our stockings! Take a peek and rejoice!

If you feel like all this technology makes you long for yesterday but you can't really live without it (we know the feeling!) then this might just take those blues away! Every time you reach for your wireless remote contact device (better known as the iPhone), if you're lucky you'll get the back view of said device and all those childhood/adolescence mix tape memories will come flooding back! You might sigh and weep a bit but you will know you experienced a limited point in time when the cassette was epitome of technology... And what a time that was!... We present to you the Cassette iPhone Cover! Now is that cool or what?

Just as cool (or maybe even a tad cooler?) is this witty rendition of a Beatles classic album, such a lovely design as well! You might find yourself transported back in time to when you first saw the bold and colourful history making record cover and remember all the times you had that record spinning as you twist and turn your pepper mill!

This beautiful Ladybird tin will take you straight back to you childhood summer holidays, skipping and hopping and getting into allsorts of trouble! And you can use the tin for storing your treasures! Thank you Ladybird!

And now one for the boys, any of you who were lucky enough to play with one of these beauties will know how much fun you had dreaming of the day when you would drive a real car! Everyone else that didn't own one still dreamt the same dream, from the other side of the toy shop window!.. In any case, the memories are equally heart warming! But beware, this shop says its not a toy!.. Well, we say you can do whatever you want once its yours!

This game will also take you right back, what a classic!! Heads and Tails is such a simple game but can provide hours of fun! Don't you just remember how funny that bear head with a tuxedo jacket and a skirt was! Ah, those were the days!!

Calling all sports fans out there! Look at these wonderful Tatty Devine 'Ping-Pong' cuff links! Just lovely!

From sports to milder entertainment, how about a game of Tiddlywinks? This vintage box is just wonderful!

As is this original 1950s Bakelite View-Master, a little different from the red plastic handheld image viewing toy most of us remember, which seems to be sold out everywhere but you can still see a photo here and remember the one where your little mind was first amazed and confused at the 3D tiny images inside!

Onto the Eighties, what a decade!! These vinyl records , which are part of the Post Modernism exhibition merchandise at the V&A, will take you back to a whole different world. You will feel like a vortex just opened up and transported back in time! Listen to some great music from Joy Division, Eurythmics, Television, Depeche Mode amongst others. And some great artwork on the record cover, we love it!

If you'd rather get down to making some music of your own, rest your peepers on this Stylophone! All the big world stars learnt their trade on a Stylophone didn't they?... Wasn’t it the instrument of choice for Hendrix, Cobain, Morrison et al? Get ready to make history, you never know where it might take you!

Get down with the kids with these Hip-Hopsicles, take your pick from a boombox or turntable and add a little bling to your holiday drink!

Still on the subject of music kitchenalia, here's a practical item with a vintage feel, we'd love to have this Joseph Joseph Vinyl Chopping Board in our kitchen!!

This is a less practical item, a Morrissey bobble head, not everyone's taste but worth a mention for comedy purposes, we all need a bit of humour in our lives!

Now for all you lovely sweet-toothed gals and guys out there, take a look at this Custard Cream stool! The only problem is that you'll be craving sweet things!

No worries, as you can take care of all your vintage sweet longings here, this amazing sweets hamper with all the great classics! Parma Violets, Fizz Wiz, Flying Saucers, Fried Eggs and the list goes on!! Just make sure you brush your teeth before bed!

I hear you say we haven't mentioned fashion yet? Well here is a great book, 'Forties Fashion - From Siren Suits to the New Look', where you can find everything from the French style under the Occupation and the make do and mend mentality, through to Christian Dior's New Look. Sounds great to us, what a lovely present this will make!

From outer garments to under garments, see this beautiful lingerie range from What Katie Did, sure to get your heart racing!

Now onto a few shops we love!

Labour and Wait is simply wonderful, have a look at these amazing finds! A Box of Culinary Seeds, so you can get your green finger credentials, a Radio Receiver KIT for all your DIY needs, a Labour Saving Hints Book and some great packaging on this Portuguese Toothpaste, which is manufactured now with the exact same design as when it was created! We know that because a lovely and very knowledgeable member of our team is actually from Portugal!

Pedlars has some great items too, we love this Reconditioned Table Telephone, just updated for today's phone line requirements but fully functioning, a Leather Satchel, just like the one you wore to school and a VHS Notebook, like the iPhone cover, it's a nod to obsolete but nostalgia filled technology.

Present and Correct, we love everything about this shop! But just as an example, take a look at this 1960s wall calendar, we dare you not to fall in love with it! And we couldn't resist this Christmas Cracker, simply wonderful!!

Keith and Mark of Mini Moderns are the curators of Lucky Bag at The Vintage Festival, their Mimi Moderns range is absolutely bloomin wonderful, wouldn't you say?

Leona Thrift-Ola is also a curator at Vintage. Boy don’t we all have taste!!

We've left this for last so we're not confused with people who like to blow their own trumpet but do have a browse at these lovely designs and you tell us what you think!! We've done a range of vintage typography based prints/posters with East London Prints. We've also created these lovely wallpaper designs for Graham&Brown and folk seem to be excited about them, what do you think?


So after this great shop-a-thon, what are your thoughts? Likes, dislikes, anything we've let slip through our Vintage net? We can't wait to hear all your comments!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!!


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