The Festival of Thrift

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By Wayne Hemingway

Wayne Hemingway shares the unlikely story of the Darlington festival, and how it's a reflection of our nation's changing needs and values.

A few years ago, Gerardine and I were introduced John Orchard, a guy who had just taken...

Vintage by The Sea and Morecambe's Future

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By Wayne Hemingway

You have probably seen the wonderful pictures by now, Vintage By The Sea festival in Morecambe couldn't have gone any better.
Folk came out in their tens of thousands, people of every age and many who were were either coming to...

Full Of Eastern Promise

PhotoddMy fascination with all things vintage is much more than making a fashion statement. For me, it most certainly fulfills an aesthetic uniqueness but most importantly, it is an opportunity to touch the past.
A friend of mine recently recommended I...

The Size Generator

Guest blogger Hannah Wing gives us a few key hints and tips on spotting the right buy for your figure.

46e67da6 C167 451c 997c 71a29dceb63eOne of the most common cries of woe from ladies I meet is the confusion in vintage sizing. This is further bolstered by the complaint that they...

Cash In The Attic

IndexResident guest blogger Hannah Wing, has worked as part of the Vintage creative and editorial team since the inaugural Vintage Festival. A professional make-up artist and stylist based in London, Hannah published her first book in 2013 - Vintage...

The Enduring Appeal of Car Boot Sales


Wayne Hemingway shares his first car boot experience, and how he's taken their future into his own hands.

The first time I saw boot sales in a big way was in Australia and they were actually called 'swap meets'. It was a Western Australian thing,...

Morecambe's Palladium Cinema Ghost Sign Restoration

Palladium Sign Re Painted View

In Morecambe - an artist, a hairdresser and an ice cream lady have collaborated to restore a unique piece of antique seaside glamour. Recently visitors to the town's famous statue have been turning their backs on Eric, craning their necks and...

Kate Bush – They Don’t Come Much Better

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Often media hype goes right over the top and I for one turn off. This weeks announcement that Kate Bush is to play her first string of live dates since 1979 has sent the media into overdrive from front pages to the leader pages to the columnists,...

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