Vintage Clubs

The musical experience at Vintage covers decades, genres and styles that have affected Britain over the years.   We have Vintage Nightclubs to suit all musical tastes:  swing, jazz, rockabilly and rhythm n blues, northern soul, funk, disco, ska, house, exotica and MORE! Vintage has a policy to curate a line-up that sets it apart from other festivals and is truly eclectic.

The Vintage Nightclubs recreate the sights, sounds and scenes of decades gone by. Our authentically set dressed clubs and carefully curated entertainment provide a fully immersive environment where you can learn the dances, take in live performances and dance into the wee hours to the finest DJs from each scene.

There’s a whole history of cool dances out there and at Vintage we have dance teachers on hand to teach you how to do a bit of Lindy Hop, Twist, Jive, Strolling, Swing, Samba, Northern Soul, Salsa and even Breakdance.  Fancy learning the Foxtrot, Quickstep or the Waltz?


The Soul Casino recreates the sounds, style and smells of the classic club scenes from Wigan and the Mecca to those vintage funk weekenders down south. The Soul Casino dance floor reverberates to the sound of classic 60s Northern Soul and the uplifting ‘Modern’ Soul movements that fused so brilliantly in the early 70s, through to the up-tempo Disco sounds of the 80s covering uber cool Jazz-Funk, Boogie, Rare Groove and everything in between...
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This isn’t about archiving Rock and Roll; this is about living it, a celebration of then, now and where it’s going. Let it Rock explores the unpredictable journey of R 'n' R culture, from the ‘rockin’ lifestyle of the 50s through the heavily influenced music of the following 30 years to contemporary bands still dominated by this worldwide phenomena. Not for the faint hearted, this volatile adventure is revved up by the scenes that exploded around it with no sympathy for the mediocre, a wickedly mixed irreverent cocktail guaranteed to leave your hips shaken and your loins thoroughly stirred.
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A glamorous evening of 1930s and 1940s entertainment, themed dining and period cocktails – as we re-create those packed dance floors of the 1930s and 40s. After just a short lesson from our expert dance teachers you will be ready to dance to swing orchestras as the cream of ‘40s era talent take to the stage. Learn some fancy fox-trotting, quickstep, or waltz - Or if they don’t tickle your fancy perhaps a classic party dance such as ‘The Palais Glide’ or ‘Lambeth Walk’ would do the trick?
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The Warehouse brings Britain’s distinctive dance culture and DJ history to the fore by paying respect to our rich club culture and the DJs that have shaped it covering everything from 70s Funk and Disco, through early 80s Electro, Boogie, Rare Groove and onto, of course early Rave, Acid House and Balearic.
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An exotic and curious thrill of general groovy, psychedelic and tiki-flavoured fun. Settle down with a mysterious tipple and be transported to the South Pacific while enjoying special guest DJ sets from the finest collectors of exotic vinyl.
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From the early underground disco first played in the northern soul clubs in the early 70s, through the mid-70s disco funk and onto the D.I.S.C.O years of the late 70s, The Studio will keep you dancing. And we don’t stop there - if 80s boogie is your thing or 90s disco house or you just love what the current crop of disco DJs are putting out then you won’t want to leave this room. Underground, overground, discoing free.
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