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Don’t just take our word for it.

Vintage 2010 dominated the media coverage of summer events and dominated the nominations at the 2010 Festival Awards, walking away with the Best New Festival category. The media and cultural commentators agreed...

“Loved the atmosphere, the amazing attention to detail, the music, the fashions....everything was so inspiring. My new favourite festival” - Simon Price, The Independent

“Simply the best festival I have played in a very very long time .A truly inspired festival weekend” - Norman Jay MBE

“Brilliant, loved it .We had such a great time” - Sir Peter Blake


“This whole event came from great vision; other festivals could learn a thing or two from Vintage.”- Danny Rampling

“The onstage sound and staging for my band was the best I've experienced. Vintage was superbly done all round.” - Mike Flowers

“I have to admit I had tears in my eyes at seeing everyone dancing to tunes I hadn't spun for ages. Vintage was so magical.” - Jay Strongman

“It was a truly wonderful event. A beautiful atmosphere to work in.” - Sandie Shaw


“I don't know whether it is protocol to have an artist two years in a row? Thank you, thank, you, thank you for a great time!” - Martha Reeves 

“A great festival, we were all really impressed with the attention to detail on all levels.” - Peter Hook

“Without doubt the best festival I have ever been to - by a country mile. Awe inspiring authenticity meant that the whole event felt very real and not at all pastiche in any way.” - Martyn Ware

“Absolutely superb! I loved every minute of it.” - Graeme Park

“Wicked vibe... A fantastic festival.” - Craig Charles

“The best festival I've ever been to.” - Viv Albertine

“Phenomenal – it’s totally raised the bar as far as festivals are concerned. An adventure that’s spawned no less than a seminal event.” - Greg Wilson

“It was terrific; There was nothing you could have done better.” - Dick Powell

"Brilliant, loved it. We had such a good time...Perhaps I can do more next year.” - Peter Blake

“A revolutionary and refreshing event which we all thoroughly enjoyed.” - The Damned


“An honour to be a part of such a momentous occasion... Sterling work.” - Chris Sullivan

“It all came together perfectly. I really enjoyed my own 'festival' experience.” - Tony Hatch

“A fabulous weekend- roll on the next one!” - Corrine Drewery

“My head’s buzzing with great joy... A truly wonderful event.” - Jeff ‘Two Tone’ Boogie

“Vintage was brilliant!” - Gavin Turk

“Without doubt the best weekend ever. The attention to detail at the festival and the sheer execution was simply magical.” - Andrew Nutter

“A benchmark for the summer festival.” - Laura Santamaria

“I stood in the Torch Club on Sunday morning and suddenly realised I was proud to be British. It really was a hairs-on-the-back-of-the-neck moment.” - Member of public

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