As collectors and scholars of the history of music, fashion, film, art and design to food, we are constantly inspired by the wealth of creativity of the 20th Century. Vintage by Hemingway is our tribute to the cultural movements of the 20th Century. From our Vintage inspired product ranges to the magical Vintage Festival, Vintage by Hemingway celebrates the wonderful legacy that has been left to us to reinterpret for the 21st century. Not content with putting on the best Vintage Festival in town the team at Vintage have been carefully curating an array of events for your enjoyment. Be it putting on the official bash for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee to hosting a glamorous extravaganza of music, dance and authentic themed dining to see in the New Year on the Southbank. 

Vintage Nightclubs have popped up at Somerset House Ice Rink for a series of glamorous one off parties. We've had a good old Northern knees up celebrating the Preston Guild, Vintage By The Sea and Vintage on the Dock and provided the Vintage entertainment when the curtain fell on London Fashion Week in 2011 and 2012. October 2013 saw the launch of Vintage presents A Classic Car Boot Sale, and Vintage regularly goes on holiday across the border to Glasgow. We can bring glamour and excitement to any event with a whole feast of ideas we have up our sleeves. All aspects of the Vintage Festival are curated by a team containing the most experienced, knowledgeable and respected figures within the music, design, film, fashion and entertainment industries. The Vintage curatorial team bring an unparalleled authenticity and attention to detail to the Vintage experience.

Music & Dance

The musical experience at Vintage Festival covers decades, genres and styles that have affected Britain over the years. We have Vintage Nightclubs to suit all musical tastes: swing, jazz, rockabilly and rhythm n blues, northern soul, funk, disco, ska, house, exotica and MORE! Vintage has a policy to curate a line-up that sets it apart from other festivals and is truly eclectic. We’re not afraid to celebrate all genres and actively work with bands, DJs and performers to create memorable 'I was there' moments. There’s a whole history of cool dances out there and at Vintage we have dance teachers on hand to teach you how to do a bit of Lindy Hop, Twist, Jive, Strolling, Swing, Samba, Northern Soul, Salsa and even Breakdance. Fancy learning the Foxtrot, Quickstep or the Waltz?

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Fashion & Beauty

Whichever decade excites you - Vintage addresses the era’s fashion in a mesmerising display of catwalk shows, hands-on-creative workshops and a Vintage Marketplace with the best vintage traders, hand-picked by our Vintage team. The Vintage Marketplace hosts purveyors of fashion and accessories, bringing together couture labels with prêt a porter and street style from the 1920s through to the 1990s. Expect to see the finest selection of mid-century modern homewares, records, music memorabilia and up-cycled ephemera. There is no excuse to miss out on a bit of vintage shopping!  Think of this as a veritable vintage playground, without paying through the mouth, incorporating fashion to furniture, up-cycled and craft, perhaps the biggest gathering of vintage vendors that Europe has ever seen. Ossie Clark to Mary Quant, countless stalls all dedicated to the eclecticism of our history; swinging sixties to thirties deco glam, the kitsch and the collectible, a testament to the way we dress, without paying an arm and a leg. That’s what we’re all about.

So you’ve purchased your new gear from the Vintage Marketplace, now what? The Vintage Hair & Beauty Salon provides makeovers to keep you looking and feeling fabulous, day and night, with decade specific looks from 1920s to the 1980s. Our hair and beauty salon offers Vintage goers hair styling and make-up from 1930s finger wave, 1950s cat-eye liner and red lips, 1960s bouffant beehive to 1970s Farrah Fawcett flicks and 1980s New Romantic curls.

The emphasis throughout Vintage is glamour and head-turning style – whether it’s yours or on the catwalk, and our style-spotters roam the site rewarding all those who quite simply looked fabulous with ‘Best In Show’ rosettes. 

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Food & Drink

Quality food is very much part of Vintage. Vintage transports visitors, via their taste buds, to the tastes and eating habits of days gone by. At Vintage you can sample the flavours of the era as authentically as possible with historically linked eating opportunities, not to mention themed cocktails from the bars.
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Art & Design

Vintage is so much more than a music festival – it's a veritable feast of art, craft, creativity and serendipitous fun. Vintage has art and design flowing through its veins. Opportunities to have a go at painting, designing and generally getting creative are everywhere - you can learn a new skill or revive an old one with help from our expert tutors. At Vintage we take a sense of wartime make-do-and-mend austerity and apply it to a modern sense of sustainability and respect for the environment. You are able to assert your creativity, see furniture renovation demonstrations, print bunting, sew vintage style fashion accessories and simply spend some very enjoyable making time. 

 There are lots of hands-on thrifty activities and workshops available for all you crafty sorts. We believe in Up-cycling; taking a discarded material or product and creating it into something more useful and more attractive. Vintage showcases just how cultural, creative and utterly cool us Brits are but also look at our social values and how they’ve changed drastically from one decade to another. Take in catwalk shows featuring the personal collections of designers, models, noted vintage experts and the archives of some of the world’s finest fashion houses. Enjoy exhibitions featuring design classics from furniture to technology, gaming machines, graphics and the coolest classic scooters, cars and motorcycles.

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Around every corner festival goers can expect to find those little unexpected touches that truly make it a special day out. Whether it’s a display of classic cars, a pooch parade, RAF flyovers, donkey rides, classic fairground rides, pop-up performances, or classic cinema screenings, we can guarantee there is something to put a smile on the faces of grown-ups and not-so-grown-ups alike!

Vintage serendipity 1 Vintage serendipity 2 Vintage serendipity 3 Vintage by The Sea